Services with track record:

  • seismic interpretation with Client’s software (SMT, Petrel, DownUnder GeoSolutions Insight, Geoframe)
  • facies conditioned property modelling
  • play mapping, prospect generation and resource estimation
  • multiplatform GIS solutions with Company’s license (Mapinfo Professional 19.3 Advanced, QGIS 3.16, ArcGIS 10.8[on request])
  • field geological reconnaissance studies
  • quantitative paleoecological studies from thin-sections and washed materials
  • reservoir characterization training
  • log digitizing

New service (hands-on experimental) initiatives:

  • geoscience solutions with Python,  SQL and PostGIS databases
  • full-stack Python based web-development with Django, CSS and JS
  • PostGIS based webmapping

In learning phase, waiting for practicing opportunity:

  • seismic inversion



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