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Szeklerland’s first online mapshop delivers A2 size, SRTM digital elevation model based maps of civil parishes and towns of Szeklerland, via two 1:50000 scale series (individual sheets and mapbooks), and Szeklerland overview maps at scale 1:150000.

I R O N S E TSRTM basemap, with auxiliary GIS layers for orientation (road network from the first part of the XX-th century, larger rivers, administrative boundaries (NUTS5, county limits), Natura 2000 perimeters [2017 edition]), at scale 1:50000 – 1:65000, in layered and georeferenced pdf format. Maps contain sets of 5m, 10m, 20m and 40m CI contourlines.

G O L D S E T homeland-history map series, with corrected and enriched road network (asphalted, and unpaved agricultural and forestry roads), historical and recent settlement structures (old neighborhoods, vanished and merged settlements), recent built-up areas. The Culture Layers contain the location of medieval fortresses of Szeklerland (all of them severely ruined), fortified churches and castles, chapels. Guided by a holistic approach, all feudal castles and modern mansions from references are indicated, even if the exact location of whole of them couldn’t been yet identified. In this latter cases mansions are listed in alphabetical order, without icons. Based on some fresh critical reviews, we provide the occurrences of medieval and early modern Szekler Runnic Scripts, and several X.-XI. century archeological finds. The spatial relationship of these can be directly compared to the location of medieval vallums (Kakasborozda, Ördögborozda).

The maps show hydrology names in Hungarian, digitized from old Austro-Hungarian Monarchy military maps (XVIII century and WWII). Water springs, including country-bath, are grouped by broad categories (fresh, refreshing mineral waters, stinky mineral waters (sulfurous and NaCl-rich), radioactive waters. Mofetta locations are also indicated. We tried to use the traditional Hungarian names for all geographic places (peaks, plateaus and meadows).

The Sport Layers comprise places more or less suitable for swimming, certified ski-slopes and some potential ski-slopes. The GOLD SET was equipped with 25m C.I. contour lines.

G O L D S E T – Sample from Dálnok/ Dalnic sheet (1:50000)

Our products can be filtered against the historic and extended Szeklerland administrative units, the Sedes [Székek], and by actual counties. Using the Térképkereső localities may be found either by the Hungarian or Romanian naming.

We deliver 1:50000 scale relief maps with contour intervals worldwide, however we can generate 1:10000 maps too, at request!

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>>> I R O N S E T Dálnok / Dalnic | For complete user experience open it with ACROBAT READER – CHECK THE LAYER STRUCTURE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER!

>>> G O L D S E T Dálnok / Dalnic | For complete user experience open it with ACROBAT READER – CHECK THE LAYER STRUCTURE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER!

Administrative units of Szeklerland and its USGS SRTM based relief model.


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