Who We Are

carpThe traditionally powerful education system of Szeklerland and its high emerging potential was long time ago acknowledged,  however  an economical break-through has  never happened.  Situated far from from the geopolitical centers of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy, and later suppressed by the Romanian communist regime, the economy of the region remained weakly-developed. As a consequence, Szeklerland acted as a historical net brain-exporting community of Europe. In accomplishing our vision about the <<Emerging Szeklerland>>, paying tax in Szeklerland is of the utmost importance. This is the main drive of the Company, as well.


Szekler Resources Ltd came to life in 2010, as an experiment of practicing state of art geoscience services in the Province of Szeklerland. Sfintu  Gheorghe/ Sepsiszentgyörgy/ St. George is situated in the geographic center of Romania, having fairly good transporting connections to any region of Romania. The International Airport of Brașov, operative from 2020-2021, will be soon at easy reach – just half an hour drive. Relying on a cloud-based database system we can maintain worldwide flexible working conditions. The office is equipped with an industry standard workstation, standard micropaleontological kits and a Brunel stereomicroscope, and full field mapping equipment, including geological compass, high sensitivity Geiger-Muller detector.


In about fourteen years of experience in the field of hydrocarbon exploration, gained with domestic and international companies, we have a track-record for:

  • seismic interpretation in both carbonate and siliciclastic environments
  • facies conditioned property modeling and infill well location optimization
  • play mapping and prospect generation
  • resource estimation
  • reservoir characterization
  • well log digitization and scaling


Latest behind the scenes research is focused on fractured reservoir modeling integrated into the GSST environment.


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